Favorite things to do when camping

Since we’ll be at Tahoe this upcoming weekend, I thought I’d draft up a list of potential things to do. Just in case there’s something fun that I want to do, but I forget what it was while we’re camping. I know for a fact that Sheri is making tacos, and we already bought the necessary ingredients to make Smores. So I guess the first thing that’ll go on the list is eating. I love swimming, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to swim in Tahoe itself. My dad keeps telling me that the water is too high, so we can’t go to Sand Harbor or any beaches like that. Which really sucks, because I was hoping to go to Sand Harbor before I left.

We don’t have enough family left to go anymore, which is partially why my dad keeps wanting to be involved with Sheri’s. All the fun family is on my mom’s side, and my dad isn’t even invited to my uncle Charlie’s wedding next month. That’s what my dad told me, at least. He wouldn’t really care either way, probably. The KOA campsite has a swimming pool, so I’ll at least be able to swim in a small pool there. It would be nice to catch more crawdads, but I don’t know if Charlie does that any more and he’s the only person in our family who owns crawdad traps. If I remember correctly, the campsite has a big circus tent thing where they play movies on some nights.

Another thing that I remember correctly is where to go for a las vegas liquor license. I’ll probably go with Steph if we get a chance. One thing I’m not looking forward to is having to interact with all of Sheri’s family, because I’m an introvert. Steph’s really shy too, but if we only hang out together and don’t talk to anybody else then it’ll be super awkward when one of us is stuck alone with them. It’s only three days, though. I know for a fact that we’re bringing hot dogs and frosted animal cookies, so at least we won’t be hungry for three days.

Crazy week in web work

Pro Hood cleaning Google ranking report

You know, it can be tough to make a living as a content producer on the web.  I really go a little brain dead after a while from looking at too many options for content.  What do I like?  What are people going to find interesting?  Am I going to produce something so interesting that it will bring traffic?  Do I really care?  Sometimes I am pretty sure that I don’t care.

Today while I was having FaceBook ADD, I came across a series of pictures of women that had been painted with body paint to look like comic book super hero characters.  I spent way to many minutes being totally amused.  But I hated the interface.  Whoever had posted the stuff had dozens of affiliate ads stuffed all over each page.  And each page linked to the next.  So, by the time you loaded a page, you were ready to move on, but the advertisements were hogging all the bandwidth and it made everything SLOWWW.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could – I clipped all the pictures to share them without the interface that was stuffed with advertisements.

Look, I’m all for someone making a buck on advertising, but if you stuff 20-30 advertisements on a web page, and the next page is going to have the same ads repeated – you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

The better way

Simple.  If you have a slide show of 20 pictures, just have 2 ads per page and show the 20 different ads over the course of 10 slides.  If you go past that, mix and match to continue.  That would be way better than making your reader look at the same, slow loading, adverts over and over.

What I’ve been working on lately

My most interesting project is for a client called ProCo Hood Cleaning.  They do commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning in Denver Colorado .  The owner is a great guy and serial entrepreneur named Michael Bunga.  He was getting his ass handed to him by his competition until we got together.  In a matter of a couple months, we were able to move him from virtual internet obscurity to a point where he ranks in the top 3 for the majority of important keyword phrases related to his business.  Pretty awesome. Check out some of the results:

Pro Hood cleaning Google ranking report
Google ranking report showing that Pro Hood Cleaning of Austin TX ranks consistently at the top of page 1.


So, the important question became: are we making his phone ring?  Yes we are!  ProCo Hood Cleaning is setting records for service sales and for the amount of business inquiries.