Privacy talks


I know that it’s a political topic, but I’m just here to discuss my own personal privacy. I don’t care if some retard liberal wants to form a mob in the comments and tell me that I’m a racist bigot with white male privilege. If you’re curious about my views, I feel extremely strong about having my own personal privacy. I like when people mind their own business and leave me alone. However, I also think the government retains the right to revoke your privacy at any time. They have to have a reason for doing it. They’re government officials, not just some small snoopy children who want to read your texts.

If there’s a national threat and someone is hiding something, maintaining your privacy is just selfish. Unless you want to be held responsible for the outcome of the disaster that couldn’t be prevented, then I think you should just let the government do their job. From my experience, the only people who want privacy have something to hide. I will admit that I have things that I want to hide. That’s why I enjoy my privacy. But the government won’t just suddenly break down my door and read all of my mail without good reason. I don’t see a reason in arguing about it with others, because nobody listens. It’s really difficult to change someone’s fundamental point of view. However, I think that it would be nice if we could just tell them to sit down and shut up. It’s really unfortunate that the feeble-minded make up such a big portion of our population.

If it was the other way around, then we could just promote logic and reasoning in school. As I look around at all of my classmates, I start to learn how to the brainwashing works. The teachers will literally tell us erroneous information, but the students all think it’s true. Then their view of the world begins to change, and their mind gradually accepts this new reality. Over time, when they experience the truth, they disagree with it. Only a few of my friends really agree with me. One of my main buds who used to support my arguments in class just recently moved to Miami. His dad was a successful business man who operates a hood cleaning service down there now. I’m going to write a whole article about the 13th amendment lesson we did last year, for an example.